play texas holdem poker
play texas holdem poker

For those of you beginners who want to play Texas Poker Online, a game called Texas Hold Poker is now available. This game is the most popular online poker card game today and is much loved by adults. For that, for lovers of Texas Poker Online, now can play Texas Holdem Poker in the casino-casino in their respective regions. Well, here are some Texas Holdem Poker Play Guides for you beginners.


Well, for you beginners, of course, you must know the terms of playing Texas Holdem Poker Dewapoker. Here are some terms in the world of poker:

  • Lobby merupakan tempat untuk memilih room permainan Texas Holdem Poker
  • Check means players check the value of bets on the tableeja
  • Call means the player follows the bet value on the table
  • Call Any means to follow the number of bets on the table before playing
  • Fold means not following the bet value on the table
  • All In means risking all the chips on the betting table
  • Raise means increasing the bet value according to your wishes

How To play Poker Online

After knowing the terms in Texas Poker 88Online, then all you need to know is how to play it. If you have logged in using the user name and password, then click the “PLAY POKER - Rupiah -” section or you can also “PLAY POKER - Andorid / iphone / ipad-”. Then a column will appear to determine which line man you will play. Then you just have to choose a table to play. After that, follow the steps to play. Here are the rules of play:

At the beginning of the game you will be given 2 cards then after all players say call / check, the dealer will open the cards one by one. But if there is a player who raises the bet, the card will not be opened until all players declare call / check.


Poker Hand Rankings

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After knowing how to play it, you also need to know the correct arrangement of cards to always win. The following is the arrangement of cards in Texas Poker Online:

Pair is a card that has the same partner. For example, the Ace with Ace is called One Pair. But One Pair can be defeated by Two Pair cards, for example 22 or 44, and Two Pair is defeated by Three of Kind for example 777.


Three of Kind or called triplets for example QQQ.

Straight cards or sequential cards, for example 34567 or 10 J Q K Ace

Flush Card or if you have 5 cards with the same pattern, for example 357910 with all Heart patterned.


Full House or a mixture of Three of Kind and One Pair is a combined kart between Three of Kind and One Pair. For example QQQ + 99

Four Of Kind or twin number 4 is a card that has the same 4 cards, for example KKKK


Straight Flush is a combination of Straight cards (sequential cards) and Fush cards (all motives are the same). Example 23456 SEKOP (CLUB)

Royal Flush is a Straight Flush card with a higher value. For example if your opponent has 34567 Curly and we have 910JQK Hearts


If you already understand the combination of cards at Texas Poker Online Nagapoker, you should also know about the combination of the other cards to keep winning. The order of cards from low to highest is 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A (Ace)

Now, you already know about the terms used at Texas Poker Online . So you only need to combine these cards to always win.

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